Q&A with CA Jenna Seiler

Q: What’s it like being a CA?

A: I noticed today in our hotel room that you get to have fun, and enjoy YIG.  We don’t get assignments, no bills to write, nothing to debate, we just like to enjoy the program.

Q: Why did you join YIG?

A: I joined YIG because my representative was at the capital, and his son was like “I think you should try this out.” And that really inspired me to join YIG, and interested me to be working with the law, and that’s actually what I am studying.

Q: When did you join YIG?

A: I started YIG in my freshman year.

Q: Who inspired you to join YIG?

A: My representative probably did the most, and also his son was the youth governor a couple years ago, we were will kitchens, and he was very close friend with my brother, and it was great to see his experiences, and then it inspired me to do it myself.

Q: What were you like last year compared to this year?

A: A lot more tired, and exhausted, but now being a CA,is a bit more fun and not exhausting, and I am a little bit more mature and know what i’m doing

Q: Why are you interested in government?

A: I think it’s just very intricate, and kinda complicated which makes it fun to figure it out, not a lot of people are able to understand things that’s going on in our government, so it’s good to have insight on the laws that are passing, and things we’re doing on our government level.

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