Laws in the Making

In preparation for debate at Model Government, bills are being polished up and prepared. Delegates are hopeful that their bills will become YIG laws. Many delegates are growing excited for the opportunity to present their bills; a few Door County delegates up to the challenge are Delegation President Sydney Felholfer, Delegate Emma Hanson, and Delegate Grace Alberts. Sydney Felholfer is a sophomore at Sturgeon Bay High School and is one of the youngest presidents in the history of the Door County Delegation. Emma Hanson is a sophomore from Door County and new to the delegation bringing a fresh perspective. Grace Alberts is a freshman at SBHS and is a new, talented member of the legislative branch. I asked each of them some questions about their bills and what it’s like to be in YIG. Sydney Felholfer’s bill was about terminating parental rights of children in foster care if a relationship is not maintained. This was inspired by a personal experience. She has been a member for 4 years. Felhofer stated, “YIG brought me out of shell and made me confident in my ideas, morals, body and true self.”
Delegate Albert’s bill talks about sexual assault and harassment regulations in public schools. She thought of this based on her surroundings and the current world. Grace has been a member for half a year, and says that joining is one of the best experiences of her life. Delegate Emma Hanson’s bill is about LGBTQ inclusive sex-ed. Her current school’s teachings gave her the inspiration to write this bill. This is Hanson’s first year as a member of YIG. She said, “[YIG] gives you many opportunities to state your opinion, and a chance to connect with people across the state.” With all their hard work, these delegates are hopeful their bills will be laws by the end of this Model Gov session.

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