Older Delegates’ Advice to First Years Going Forward

Older delegates make a huge difference in helping first years at Model Gov. So, what is their best advice? We are both new to YIG, and were curious. Therefore, we decided we would need some help. We knew we were going to  be at Madison for three days and don’t know how to prepare. Delegates Andrew Schlitz and Donovan Wogernese warned about food choices at Model Gov. They advised, “Do not eat the Chinese food! You will get sick, like [we did] last year.” We didn’t want to miss anything so we avoided the Chinese food in any form.

Additionally, we received advice on how to spend our nights.  “Do not stay up late,” Lt. Governor Erik Tate said. “The day work is mentally tolling. Drink water and eat plenty of food.” Andrew told us to “Pick up our rooms.” We also got very helpful (and fun) advice from Donovan. He stated, “Don’t sleep on the floor.”

We also got bill advice, and free time advice from Erik. He stated, “Be sure to pick a certain bill to write/talk about, get writing points ahead of time.” also “It feels like College. Be on time. Don’t forget your badge. Enjoy the leisure time, bring a jacket. Bring multiple blank t-shirts. Stick with the people you came with, but meet people during the time you are there.”

Finally, we received last-minute advice. “Be on time?” Schlitz told us. “Don’t talk if you don’t know what you are talking about,” Tate said. And for the last, and most critical rule, Tate exclaimed, “Have fun!”

Of course we wanted to know the best places to eat. Harrison Shepich said, “When your back is against the wall, just go to Five Guys. It’s really cheap. But don’t forget money, you will run out fast.” Delegate Paris Brainerd agreed and added, “Ians is good and it’s also very close, Five Guys is a walk.” Ian’s and Five Guys was a very popular response as well. Ian’s pizza, 

They also gave us insight into how it feels after a long day at Model Gov. Shepich said,  “It won’t be as tiring as you’d think. You’ll be like, ‘Wow, that wasn’t so bad’”  Brainerd chimed in and said, “You’ll feel nice being back at the hotel, but sometimes you feel like not going back.”


They also shared their favorite and least favorite parts of the weekend.  Delegate Brooke Riley said she enjoys lunch break and exploring the capital. Getting back to the hotel was also popular, and presenting bills was also mentioned a lot; but by far, meeting new people was the most common response. Delegate Abe Rocksvold said that the best part is just wandering the city.

Common themes for least favorite parts were the bus ride home and the curfew rules. Waking up in the morning to discuss issues when you’re half awake was also a popular response.

All in all, this advice gave us insight and helped us be ready for the Model Government weekend.


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