Model Gov Essentials

Packing for Model Government and don’t know what to bring? Multiple delegates ask about what they should bring to Model Government every year, and what follows is a tentative packing list. The dress code at Model Government is business casual, which means no jeans or t-shirts until the end of the day for other activities. For a beginner list of things to bring, you should bring two business casual outfits, two pairs of shoes, some socks, toiletries (toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.), a notebook, a writing utensil, a warm winter coat, and a small backpack (to carry around your binder, money, etc). Emma Ross always brings a portable phone charger, comfy socks, and a stash of snacks. “(I think it is important to bring a) comfortable pair of shoes, especially for girls,” said Andrew Duncombe. Another common question is how much money you should bring for the weekend. Nora Ptacek said your Model Government budget should cover two days of breakfast, two days of dinner, three days of lunch, plus any alternative spending money for a memento. “(I always bring) some money to buy a glass of milk from Starbucks and put it in your cereal,” said Erin Gretzinger. In the long run, there are numerous components you should bring to Model Government that you aren’t able to pack. A good attitude, work ethic and desire to have fun are some of the non-physical elements you should bring with you; they are just as important as money or a comfortable pair of shoes. Finally, I recommend you make a list of what you pack, so you don’t forget anything at home or at the hotel. Packing for Model Government might seem stressful, but as long as you bring an open mind, the three-day weekend will be lively and enjoyable as long as you remember to have fun.

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