National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. Everyday, someone is getting bullied or trampled on by a crowd of people cause they don’t care. Most humans don’t care for one another. This day can change that.

If one person says something to nice people or hand them a note with kind words. Other people will follow them and spread those kind words. I’ve seen people who’ve dropped their books in the hallway at school and dozens of people just walk by and not caring. If you are the one person that helps pick up the stuff and gives them a warm smile, it will change their day. In YIG today, you can tell people that they are dress really formal, compliment them on their bill, or say that their speech was great. By doing that, they even might go on and show that kindness to other people because you made their day by doing same thing. That is what this day is all about. Spreading kindness for no apparent reason.

Give a note to someone with a nice thing about them,tell them something they did great in a debate, pick up their things that they dropped, or say kind words to them. That will make their day. You have made a change in that person to be more kind because you were kind to them. Go out into the world and spread kindness. Even if it isn’t National Random Acts of Kindness Day still spread kindness.

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