New State Adviser- Jen Zwicky

This past year, Eau Claire Delegation head advisor Jen Zwicky was chosen to become the new State Adviser. Zwicky has been with the YIG program since she drove the bus to Model Gov in 2011. Her boss at the time was the advisor of the Eau Claire Delegation. The following year, she was the assistant advisor for the delegation, and in 2013, she became the head advisor of the delegation. She always enjoys watching the delegates find their voices during Model Gov. She loved seeing them develop opinions and being able to clearly voice what the believe in.

Now that she is in charge of the program, she would very much like to see more delegations formed, more participation, and more opportunities like Pre Gov throughout the year. Some places where she would like to see new delegations are Lacrosse, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and more in the Waukesha/Southeastern area of Wisconsin. Eventually, she would like to see every YMCA in Wisconsin having a YIG program.

Zwicky thinks that the location of Pre Gov should rotate by the year, so that way different delegations won’t need to drive as far; for example, if Pre Gov was held in Wausau this next year, it would be great for Eau Claire, Stevens Point, and the surrounding delegations, but it would be really bad for Southern delegations, Door County, and the Fox Cities delegations, so then the next year, it could be in Green Bay, or somewhere around there, so those who traveled far don’t have to.

Zwicky had several ideas about more effective ways to connect with people who are interested in government and debate, but weren’t aware that YIG existed. She suggests having more one day conferences or events similar to Pre Gov. She also would like to see teen issues forums come back for more debate connections. Zwicky thinks that more structured debate and more engaging sessions could help to encourage debate, developing opinions, and well formed speech. She hopes to find more ways to get the youth of today involved with local politics.

As her time in charge  progresses , Zwicky continues to stay involved and devoted to improving YIG for everyone.

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