An Expert’s Perspective

The Wheeler Report stands out as being one of the top news systems about Wisconsin politics. Gwyn Guenther is the president and owner of The Wheeler Report; in an interview, she shared her expert perspective on her start, her advice, and her life at the Capitol.

Guenther inherited her interest in writing from her father who founded The Wheeler Report. He reported all around the Midwest on various important events, but with his family growing he moved to Madison to set up his news outlet. Gunther inherited ownership when he father passed. The main reason Guenther loves her job is that she learns something new every single day. She goes from learning about fishing laws with the DNR to learning about tax fraud. Guenther has always loved school and being informed.

One many issue that is important to Guenther is gender equality in the workplace, and in a broader content, the world. According to Guenther, for many years, women have not been taken as seriously as men in the workforce, and there have been significantly fewer women holding positions in many professions. When Gunther first started working at the Wisconsin capitol, she was one of two women that were working in the Capitol Press Corps out of twelve employees, leaving her significantly outnumbered. For a while, she was the only woman in the press room for a long time. Although she says that times are changing, she still feels that women are treated differently, whether it is good or bad. An example of this that she has noticed since she first started working here is that every time that she meets with a man, the first thing he does comments on her look. Although this may not be a negative approach to a woman, women and men are still being treated differently.

Guenther’s biggest advice to writers is to never assume any information when writing, and to always clarify. She also recommends when interviewing people and asking factual questions to ask multiple sources, because sometimes politicians can omit information straying from the true facts.

By examining those who excel at their professions, their is a lot that can be learned and applied to shape and model our own lives that we may excel as well.

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