Perspective on the Press Corps

My name is Sarah Fleming, I am a sophomore at Appleton North High School, and this is my second year in the program. I am the co-leader of the Fox Cities delegation Press Corps. Initially, I didn’t plan on joining Youth in Government (YIG), until my friend talked me into it. Our conversation went something like this: “Are you going to join YIG this year?” “Nah, I’m not really a politics person.” “They have a Press Corps.” “Where do I sign up?”. I am the biggest journalism nerd. I do as many activities as possible that can help me with my writing, and the Press Corps is one of my favorite. In the Press Corps, we learn about journalism at our meetings and practice writing articles. It is a small group newspaper setting, where you can work in all the different areas of journalism. The Press Corps isn’t about just writing articles, it is so much more. You can make videos for the Youtube channel, you can design the layout of the newspaper, run Youth in Government social media accounts, and take photos for the newsletters. The Press Corps reports on many different events at Model Government, and it is good practice for timed writing. My favorite Model Government memory was last year, when I participated in the gubernatorial debates by asking questions to the candidates, which helped me get over my fear of public speaking. I’m so excited for this upcoming year, and I cannot wait to teach the Fox Cities Press Corps about journalism.

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