SOS Candidate Sahil Baherawala

Sahil Baherawala is running for Secretary of State in the 2017-2018 Youth in Government session. He is running because he wants to make the program something better than it already is. He believes that eventually he can make the world a better place as well. If Sahil gets elected he would want to incorporate the Press Corps into more activities in the program such as listening in on Supreme Court cases and visiting the Nelson and Harvey assemblies during debate. “The press would also have speaking power but not voting power.” Sahil wants to incorporate the judicial branch more, make people aware of the judicial review, and “interconnect judicial with legislative more.” He thinks that the Secretary of State has to have a close dynamic with the governor, has to notify the governor of changes, and advise on decisions. Sahil knows that he has the qualities of charisma, the ability to make connections, being approachable and friendly, and he really likes talking. Those qualities, he believes, are perfect for Secretary of State. He has been a Senate floor leader for 4 years and stated that he has the perfect on-paper qualifications. If he gets elected, he is really looking forward to being able to work with all the other branches. Sahil feels that being Secretary of State would be a really great opportunity.

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