Fox Cities Preparation for Model Government

Throughout Youth In Government, we are all working towards a final goal- Model Government. Each branch has certain preparatory measures that need to be made: writing articles, drafting and perfecting bills, and working on cases. So, what have the branches of the Fox Cities Delegation been up to?

In the Press Corps, we have been busy learning about how to write articles and actually putting that knowledge to use. We’ve written everything from Feature and Culture pieces to Room For Debates. Another exciting aspect of the Press Corps is social media. We brainstormed ideas for all media platforms, in addition to sorting them.

The Legislative Branch has been busy preparing their bills. First, they worked on their rough drafts, then edited and revised them to make them the best they could be. In addition to that, they spent a lot of time debating and trying to predict if their bills would be passed. During Pre-Gov, they debated once again and determined the order of their bills.

In their weekly meetings, the Judicial Branch prepared by practicing with previous cases, learning about the processes in court, and how it works, and understanding legal questions. They’ve even been playing educational games, to enhance their communication skills.

Whether you’re in Press Corps, the Legislative Branch, or the Judicial Branch, you’ve worked hard to prepare for this weekend. Now that Model Government is here, we all get to see our hard work pay off!

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