Press Corps gets ‘Revamped’

The Press Corps has gone through a lot of recent changes in preparation for this year’s Model Government. These adjustments range anywhere from minor fixes to major modifications. One of the major changes is the new website domain ( The website includes a news, feature, opinion, and culture section, as well as an editorial policy and staff page. The Press Corps website also has a guest article submission page, where non-press delegates can submit articles for publication. Snapchat is a new social media platform that the Press Corps is utilizing for Model Government this year. The Press Corps will be handing over their Snapchat to different areas of YIG during Model Government for a ‘team takeover’ experience. These areas will include Legislative, Supreme Court, Executive Branch, etc. The Press Corps will also be accepting a new form of content for Model Government this year. “All candidates will have the opportunity to submit their own advertisements. If a candidate does not submit an advertisement, one will be made for them by the Press Corps in the interest of not showing bias towards any candidate, (Press-made advertisements will follow the same format and show only the candidate(s)’s photo, name, and a short caption)” said Editor-in-Chief Erin Gretzinger in her article titled “Attention All Gubernatorial and SOS Candidates!” These are only some of the changes the Press Corps has made. 2017 Model Government will be an exciting year for the Press Corps. All press delegates hope you stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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