Proofreading Bills

Recently, delegates have been noticing typing errors in bills. It is important to make sure to be professional when writing bills, and errors do not help. In fact, some errors can decrease the chance of the bill’s ranking in committee, and its possibility of being passed. Some of the serious errors in the bills have been missing sections, like effective date and financing. These sections of a bill might be less important than other sections, but they are still needed in a bill, especially financing. Other common errors include missing spaces, switching letters in words, and misspelling words because of homophones. While errors like these do not make or break a bill, they distract from the purpose of the bill and make the message less clear. When delegates are writing their bills, it is important for them to proofread their bill to remove such errors. They can also ask fellow delegates or delegation leaders to proofread their bills before submission. Going into next year, this is important to keep in mind and continue to remind younger delegates. It’s okay if there are a few errors when delegates submit bills, but it is important that when they do that, their bills are the best that they can be.

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