Red & Blue or Harvey & Nelson

Nora Ptacek (Fox Cities): “Last year, there was the younger chamber, formally known as red and there were so few students.  We couldn’t sustain one chamber with students on its own.  So to solve this, we combined to chambers and then split them up randomly because we didn’t want people to think that the red assembly was the ‘bad chamber filled with first-year students.'” 


Cameron Rass (Door County): “I like red and blue assemblies rather than Nelson and Harvey.  The names don’t really matter to me but I like the concept more.  The red assembly is for new delegates who might be a little intimidated and the blue assembly is for delegates that have more experience and who want to debate but just aren’t quite ready for Senate.”


Jessica Voll (Stevens Point): “If you are put into the red assembly, you are immediately less important than a person in the blue assembly.  But with Harvey and Nelson, there’s no segregation.”


Regan Norton (Door County): “Nelson and Harvey because everyone is considered equal.  Because in the red assembly, it is for first years or beginners, while in the blue assembly, delegates who aren’t quite ready for the Senate yet aren’t first years, feel comfortable.”  

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