Bailey and Scheffler Ticket

Candidate Reez Bailey is running for the position of governor on the ticket with candidate Will Scheffler running as lieutenant governor on the ticket. Bailey and Scheffler have been planning on running for governor and lt. Governor respectively since Pre Government last year. The pair wanted to run together to bring forward their similar ideas they have for the program. “I think we would make a really good team and we would bring a lot of solid ideas to the table,” Scheffler said. One of the pair’s biggest plans for the future of Youth in Government is overhauling the system that sends bills that are signed by the Youth Governor to legislators. “The system that we have right now is just sending a packet of bills to state legislators,” said Scheffler. The pair said that if they were elected, they and their Governor’s Cabinet would handpick the best bills that would be sent to legislators. From there, the duo is hoping to set up meetings with legislators and the authors of the bills. Delegates would have the chance to meet legislators and give them a pitch in hopes of getting voices from Youth in Government represented in the actual legislature. “We’re the future and I want our ideas to be heard,” Scheffler said. Another thing that Bailey and Scheffler have plans for is interconnecting the program areas. “We were trying to come up with an idea to get the kids in the different program areas to collaborate on one issue,” Bailey said. “One of the ways we thought we could do this is an annual simulation…We want to have a problem, a simulation if you will, that all the program areas will have to come together and solve.” Finally, Bailey and Scheffler hope to strengthen communication between delegations. “We really want to make sure that all delegations are on the same page,” Scheffler said.

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