Looking Back on the 2018 Session

This Model Government session has been one to remember: Polly has gone missing (again), we’ve crowded a staircase for a group picture, and two new delegations have joined our ranks. First years have been introduced to this program, and definitely have some good things to say about it.

Kyoungmin Lee, a first year from the Fox Cities delegation, said, “The debating was pretty fun, we got to see different points of view, and talk about it. So that was pretty cool.”

“I really enjoyed meeting new people, and also writing new articles for the Press Corps,” Maggie Steffens, from the Door County delegation said.  “I meet a lot of nice people who are older than me in my delegation. They helped me a lot, and kind of helped me learn about what to do, and where to go at Model Gov. That’s been really helpful.”

Natalie Braun from the Manitowoc delegation has had a similar experience as well. Her favorite part was “getting to debate and prove people wrong.” Model Government can also be emotional. “A couple people inspired me. Such as Izzy Quattrucci… it was kind of cool how she almost started crying at the ball,” Braun said. 

Even if you’re not a first year, Youth in Government continues to change and shape you into the person you are today. Governor candidate Carter Foust shares his views of the past weekend. “First of all, my running-mate Lucy Morris,” Foust expressed. “She’s done a great job. I’m impressed with what she’s done in the Supreme Court and the initiative she’s taken. Also I’m inspired by all of my fellow senators- it’s such a good group to be in, and the debate is always high quality.”

New faces have also made a impact on him: “I would say that my favorite part of this weekend was getting to meet all the new people at Pre-Gov and Model Gov. Last year, I didn’t really go out of my way to meet new people and talk as much, and I think that experience (meeting people across the state with different opinions and viewpoints) is something that I really appreciate, and really like about my experience this weekend.”

While this year comes to a close and we will go our separate ways, there is always next year and then the world beyond, where paths are sure to cross again.

Julia Hartlep

Julia Hartlep is a second year delegate in the Press Corps. She joined because she admired the ability the revise her words before showing them to the public. Julia’s from the Fox Cities Delegation, and attends Appleton North High School. Last year, Julia won an award for 'Best Article'. She is excited for all that Press Corps has in store for her this year, and all the articles that are waiting to be written.

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