Return-free filing: your sanity or your security?

Delegate Dylan Zivalich-Schultz from the Door County delegation authored a bill allowing a return-free filing program that was run by the government. He said that the reason he created a return-free filing bill is because it would allow citizens to get their taxes filed for them without having to do it with a third party source.  

Many people use return-free filing for the following benefits: fewer piles of paperwork, less stress, and best of all, it’s free! Also, people could rely on the government, instead of having to risk being scammed by a third party source.  People argue that not only will a person have much easier of a time doing taxes, a person can have peace of mind knowing that their taxes are in reliable hands.

However, people also argue that letting the government file our taxes would create new issues, instead of solving old ones. First, people argue that money will need to be spent in order for the government to keep a program of that size in operation. The government couldn’t have users pay for the service, because then it wouldn’t be “return-free.” Another thing people worry about is that they do not feel comfortable with the government handling their taxes. Some people just feel better if they do it by themselves, instead of letting the government have complete control over their tax money.

Since I don’t have to deal with taxes, I can’t really say anything about this topic. From what I see, it could really help many people in the future. It would make it simpler for citizens in Wisconsin to do taxes as well as save citizens a lot of stress. However, despite the amazing stress reduction, a lot will need to happen in order for this to be a viable option in the future. Do you believe that your security is worth your sanity?

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