Seceding from the Union Gaining Override Support

As most of the delegate have already seen, there is a bill from the senate titled “An Act to Create the Free Empire of Wisconsin.”  In other terms, it is a bill stating that Wisconsin wants to secede from the union.  

“The bill ended up getting a lot more of attention than I expected,” author of the bill Quinn Casey said.  The bill made the rough journey and passed through the Harvey Assembly, the Nelson Assembly, and the Senate.  Yet when it made it to the desk of the governor and lieutenant governor, it was vetoed.  

“When I told Jenna and Nora about my bill, they told me that there was no way that they were ever going to sign that.  And I respect their decision but we’ll have to see what happens,” Casey said.  

Although the bill was vetoed, there is still hope for the bill to be passed to become a rule of the land.  Delegate Andrew Duncombe will be the host of the bill as it is brought up in the closing ceremony for the bill’s last chance.  He will call for a motion called overriding, where there is another delegate who hosts the bill, not the author.  

“I find that in the state of Wisconsin that many people are dissatisfied with the state of affairs in our country and falling in the American tradition of the belief of our Founding Fathers and how we have the right to rebel against the unjust and tyrannical government.  I think that Wisconsin will benefit greatly from exercising this God-given prerogative to act against a government we find unjust,” Duncombe said.

Therefore, there is a shot that the bill will still pass if the veto was over rode at Closing Ceremonies.  

“I  would be very, very excited and would be very excited to see what people come up with to defend it.  I look forward to seeing what people come up with to help me,” said Casey.  

“You have to ultimately understand that there is an establishment opposition to this bill currently because it puts too much power in the hands of the people. But I ultimately am a firm believer that it is the people’s right, and the legislation’s right, who represent the people most directly, have the power to decide.  This means that you wouldn’t ask the British power whether they were in support of the thirteen colonies and their form of rebellion because of course they weren’t. The people wanted this and for these reasons, I’d have to say that it is legislators right and in this case have the ultimate power to allow this action,” said Duncombe.  “And I just want to add, vote aye for bill number 41!”

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