Secretary of State Candidate Carter King

Carter King is from the Fox Cities Delegation is very excited to be running for the position of Secretary of State for next year’s Youth in Government session. King is in his second year in the program and is eager to make a difference. King made the decision to run because he wants to see Youth in Government get more involved with the community, as we are based from the YMCA. “I would really like to see more community involvement with Wisconsin Youth in Government,” he stated. King ran for lieutenant governor last year as a first year, and while he did not get elected, King wants to implement his ideas as Secretary of State. If elected, he would do many things to change Youth in Government for the better. One idea he has is creating a YIG “canon,” which would serve as a law book specifically for Youth in Government. This law book would guide future generations to sustain the program and make sure that YIG continues for many years to come. For the state-wide service project, King would like to implement an event that impacts the entire community and improve the local service projects as well. He wants YIG to show “a positive force in our community, that we really are youth leaders.” He thinks that YIG has the power to make a positive influence on multiple communities and make a difference in the lives of many. He truly believes that to fairly represent the service delegates and program directors, he cannot have any specific ideas yet; these would come with input from everyone. He wants to hear everyone’s voice and represent their interests in addition to his own ideas. Carter King encourages you to vote for him because he will “revamp and revitalize” the program, bringing in new ideas that bring Youth in Government closer to the community.

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