State Street Shops

When visiting the Capitol, it is always fun to do a little shopping. We went out and explored State Street to try and find some places to go.  We picked out our top three shops. Our third favorite shop was the Madison Modern Market. Inside you can find many fun trinkets like temporary tattoos, phone cases, pins, jewelry, and more. The Madison Modern Market also has a second floor with lots of backpacks and bags. The second shop that we chose was (Shōō).  (Shōō) has a large variety of shoes, fun socks, t-shirts, and a number of other accessories. A big feature of theirs is their hand knit hats, headbands, and gloves. Finally, our number one pick for shops on State Street is Anthology. Anthology has tons of crafty items like washi tape, stamps, stickers, ribbons, buttons, glitter, and more. Not only that, but they also have Wisconsin shirts and various accessories. That said, that isn’t what drew us into the store. Anthology makes their own pins in store with catchy slogans and fun patterns. Another factor that shot Anthology to the top of our list was it’s positive and welcoming atmosphere. These few shops intrigued us with their smart and classy designs; their inspiring window displays drew us in through each of their doors. We encourage you to visit these State Street shops the next time you are in Madison!

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