The Right To Sue Nursing Homes

When you send a person to a nursing home, you are entrusting their caregiver with their life. But what if a caregiver tells you that you can’t go see your loved one? That’s what Kyoungmin Lee’s bill is all about. As of now, no family member has a right to sue a nursing home if they find themselves in this situation. This bill intends to change that. Even though this may not happen often, those few times when it does may have major consequences. According to Psychology Today, when someone’s social needs aren’t met, there are effects on the brain and the body. These include excretions of the stress hormone. When one is already in need of health care, this can be disastrous. Psychologist John Cacioppo conducted a series of studies, and this is what he found- doctors confided that they provide better, or more complete, health care to patients that are not socially isolated, as opposed to those who are. In addition, the feeling of loneliness often raises blood pressure. Also, blood pressure typically increases with age. With this bill, that wouldn’t be a worry. Even better? There’s no financing required. Lee says that he recognizes that this situation doesn’t come up a lot, and this is a rather “‘safe or sorry’ bill.” Even if people don’t experience this very much, it’s still an issue and one that Delegate Lee is looking to fix. 

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