We Matter: An Opinion on the Press Corps

When you think of Youth in Government, what do you think of first? You would probably think of your branch, then maybe the second most important branch to you. The question is, what do delegates describe when talking about YIG and what it is made up of? Many delegates are seeming to be unappreciative and underestimating of the press. After talking to some of our delegates who are not in press, they had many positive words to be said as well as controversy.

A certain delegate seemed to not only have little knowledge, but also had an aim of ridicule to the Press. They also made it clear that press can produce “sensational” but also “fictitious” pieces. This delegate is not alone, as a few others have shown opposition to the Press and are not afraid to speak their minds about it.

Governor Quattrucci made many strong statements regarding Press Corps’ hard service and our commitment to our work ethics. She describes the press delegates as “intelligent” and said that the newspaper is put together, interesting, and informative. SOS Sahil Baherawala said that when he talks about YIG to others, he says “We are called Youth In Government, but don’t let the name fool you.” There is more to this program than Legislative, he stated. He also described that press is a huge part of this program. Both of these delegates emphasized the press’ positive influence and the great Model Government papers. Both Executives also talked about how great it is that while you are in one branch, that the press covers all and gives insight into other divisions. Although these two delegates show great respect to the press, they did acknowledge that they did not always think this greatly for the press in their beginning years. All of these delegates previously stated and did agree that their peers, and a large number of people, do not acknowledge or think of  the Press as highly as the other branches.   

One advisor shared their appreciation of hearing and reading about delegate’s perceptions on what is going on in the world currently, and stirring up controversy that people are not always confronted on. The advisor stated, “The Press is essential in any government whether it is federal, state, or in Youth In Government.”  

Press Corps does not only deliver the election information, culture facts and your daily model government updates but also offers insight on daily dilemmas. It faces that questions that everyone wants to know and are wondering themselves. The Press is not a joke, it is should not be treated as an object of ridicule or belittled. You may be thinking by now that you are not involved in this matter, but it does surround you and anyone can take a stand on the side of the Press. The last question that was asked of these delegates was how they think YIG would function without the press. Many answered that it would be a great loss and that YIG as a whole would be affected for the worse. So ask yourself, what would YIG be like without the Press Corps?

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