Delegates on Downtime

Not every part of YIG is just sitting in a room debating, writing, or even filing a court case. There are fun events to attend and time to relax. I asked fellow delegates what they like to do in their free time. Sarah Fleming, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, said, “I just like to be in the Capitol. It’s beautiful when it’s later at night where it’s more peaceful and quiet. It can be a better working environment.” She also stated how she likes the architect of the capital and materials used, such as the marble. Elijah Plinkert, a first-year delegate in the Press Corps, likes to unwind, stay in his hotel room, and relax. Lastly, I interviewed Rachel Sunu, Video Editor, and she spends a lot of time exploring and walking down State Street. I  agree with everybody that the capital is a really nice place to work, and it’s especially peaceful at night. State Street is a great place to explore, and I too like to lay down, take a breath, and soak it all in.

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