Update from Former Youth Governor Nora Ptacek

Last years Youth Governor, Nora Ptacek, has been up to a lot since her last year of YIG. Currently, she is going to college right now in Minnesota, majoring in Political Science. Her goal is to go to Humphery Graduate School to get a Masters degree. When asked if she would come back to visit next year or if she was going to become a college advisor, she stated,”If I am free, it is possible that I will return next year and look around at everybody’s hard at work and meet my old friends.” As for being a college advisor, she thinks that the chances are slim. She said she is sorry, but she is very focused on college. Also, Minnesota to Madison is quite the haul!Although she is miles away, she is still in contact with her old friends that she met at YIG. She stated that she talks to her friends from YIG all of the time and would love for everyone to keep in contact with new people that they meet while at YIG. So it may be possible for former Youth Governor Nora to make a return, I guess we will all have to stay tuned until next year.

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