Parli Pro: Why does it Matter?

Parliamentary Procedure, also known as Parli Pro, has become a fundamental part of the Youth in Government program, but why? Generally, we use Parli Pro so the chambers can stay organized. Additionally, it is more professional. An important aspect of Parli Pro is also respect; for example, when you go up to talk you have to thank the chair, and when you finish you yield your time to the chair, the authors closing summation, or to your closing summation. The only group in YIG that does not use Parli Pro is the Press Corps.

According to the University of Illinois, “For a meeting to be effective, it is very helpful for those involved to know something about parliamentary procedure.” It’s a code of laws and ethics for walking together in groups to keep an orderly fashion. Without Parli Pro, there would be a lot of confusion and misunderstandings. It’s good to follow Parli Pro just like it is a good to follow the rules in games.

There are many different types of Parli Pros. Robert’s Rules is the most popular as 80% of groups utilize this style when implementing Parli Pro. About 15% of groups, especially doctors and dentists, use the Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure. Used by approximately 5% of groups are Riddick’s Rules of Procedure, Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure (used by many state legislatures), and Bourinot’s Rules of Order (used in Canada). Overall, Parli Pro contributes to the organization, atmosphere of respect and professional of this program. 

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