Wisconsin Athletes in Pyeongchang

With the Olympics underway in Pyeongchang this winter, Wisconsin athletes are going for gold in many Olympic events. Wisconsin is being represented in sports across the board including Curling, Women’s Hockey, Men’s Hockey, Freestyle Skiing, the Biathlon, the Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping, Speed Skating, Skeleton, Figure Skating, and Luge. Among those competing are Curler Nina Roth, Womens Hockey player Sarah Nurse, Speed Skaters Mitch Whitmore and Shani Davis, Skeleton rider Matt Antoine, Figure Skater Denise Myers, Nordic Combined competitor Ben Loomis, and Ski Jumper Nita Englund. All born and raised in Wisconsin, these Olympians are representing our country,

All of these competitors call Wisconsin home. Curler Nina Roth is from McFarland, which is about 20 minutes southeast of Madison. The sibling duo, Becca and Matt Hamilton are also competing in curling. Hockey player Sarah Nurse played for the University of Wisconsin, Madison, from 2013 to 2017, and her Uncle, Donovan McNabb, was a professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles. Speed Skater Mitch Whitmore is from Waukesha, and his teammate, Shani Davis, trained at the Pettit National Ice Center, in West Allis, Wisconsin, which is in the Milwaukee area. Skeleton rider Matt Antione is from Prairie Du Chien, which is 2 hours west of Madison. Figure Skating Coach Denise Myers is from Twin Lakes, which is southwest of Milwaukee. Nordic Combined competitor Ben Loomis is from Eau Claire. Finally, Ski Jumper Nita Englund is from Florence, which is 2 hours northeast of Green Bay, on the border of Wisconsin and Michigan.

We are very proud of our athletes competing overseas in Pyeongchang this winter hoping to bring home more medals for Team USA and Wisconsin. We look forward to seeing more local success in the coming years.

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