Wisconsin Capitol Building Architecture

When you visit the Wisconsin Capitol building, you may notice all the different types of stone, intricate murals, paintings, and all the details that cover our Capitol. The Capitol building has four wings, named the North, East, South, and West galleries, that all attach to one central point that resides under the dome. Up between the wings of the four galleries, there are four mosaics bearing the words Legislation, Government, Liberty, and Justice. If you stand on the bottom floor directly under the dome and look up, you will see the “Resources of Wisconsin” painting. The painting features twelve women holding Wisconsin products such as lead, tobacco, and wheat. The theme of Wisconsin products and occupations is apparent in other areas of the capitol as well, like on the ceilings of the third level. On the ceilings there are paintings and the names of various professions, such as philosophy, poetry, art, mining, and commerce. In all the galleries, above the title of what the gallery holds, there is a sculpture of the Wisconsin badger. Also representing Wisconsin are the W’s that are scattered all throughout the capitol building, for instance, above the badgers. Another animal that is seen all over the capitol is the bald eagle, the national bird of the United States. It can be found in many paintings, metalwork, and ‘Old Abe’, who sits in the assembly room. The Capitol has many intricate aspects that bring all the architecture and art into a representation of our state. When visiting, make sure to keep your eyes open to all masterpieces of our Capitol building.

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