Women Athletes are not Getting Paid as Much as Men

Women athletes all around the nation are not getting paid as much as men. Sports are a big time favorite by people everywhere. No matter what sport it is there will be fans crowding around to watch the sport. Women athletes have fans that come and support them when they compete, so why do women get paid less than men?

In an Al Jazerra article, David Cox states, “Serena Williams is the only female in the world’s 100 highest-paid athletes. Recent studies suggested gender equality in football is worse than in politics, business and medicine.”

According to Sportingx, “[For the] 2015 season, the minimum salary was $38,913, the maximum salary was $109,500, and the team salary cap in 2012 was $878,000. For NBA players in the 2015-2016 season, the minimum salary was $525,093, the maximum salary was $16.407 million, and the team salary cap was an all-time high of $70 million.”

Many people wonder why female soccer, basketball, and tennis players are not making the same amount of money as their male counterparts? The whole reason behind this is that they do not get as much sponsorship’s as men’s sports. Not as many people have an interest in women’s sports. If less merchandise and tickets are bought for a game the revenue price goes down for who owns the teams.  The less amount of coverage a game receives, the less likely it is that a female player will be offered adequate sponsorship.  Women need more funds for their sports but that will only be achieved through awareness. The way that women can get more funds and awareness is by protesting. In response to women tennis player Billie Jean King’s success, Dave Berri, a renowned sports economist states, “She got wages changed by just threatening not to play anymore. And, that really is the story of sports. And we’ve seen this throughout the history of sports. If the players are not willing to walk away, they cannot change their wages.”

Based on the amount of work women’s athletes are doing, they are not getting paid what they are owed. Women should do what other successful stars have done in the past and stand up for better payments. In the future, we can look towards equal payments for men and women athletes.

Professional Tennis Player Serena Williams

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