Women Making History in Congress

For most of this country’s past, members of Congress have been represented primarily by white males. However, starting with the social movement of the 1960s, the amount of cultural minorities and females in Congress has increased drastically. With this recordbreaking set of women from the 2018 midterm elections comes a wave of diversity and many firsts for American Congress. For instance, the next Congress will have an astonishingly high amount of diverse women including the first Muslim and Native American women as well as the youngest female ever elected to Congress.

This is a turning point in America’s history; it is encouraging young women to get out there and voice their opinions. They are not afraid to speak up about what they think is wrong with the current system. They are not scared to voice their views and express them freely.

Some of the women joining are Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, the first Muslim women to be voted into office, and the first Native American women, Sharice Davids, and Deb Haaland were also voted into office during the 2018 election. A couple of years ago, not many would have believed that these women would have a chance to become the leaders of tomorrow and change the world.

It is evident change will come from these new voices and that this event will influence other young women around the country. It is essential for young women interested in joining government have role models like these women and that young women have opportunities like YIG to help grow and encourage the diversity of voices represented in our government.

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