Benefits of YIG in School

Throughout all the years of school, students repeatedly learn about US history. Many times, this includes a study on US government. Although, the classroom doesn’t cover the whole extent of government in the United States.

While Youth in Government teaches students about government, it teaches so much more, beyond the process for writing a bill. A lot of times, this experience in Youth in Government helps the learning of government in schools, and school helps to explain some questions that can be applied in Youth in Government. This gives students an advantage in both school for the government unit and during Youth in Government, all while gaining a deeper understanding about the fundamental system our country relies on.

Malia Bicoy, an eighth grade Supreme Court delegate from Sturgeon Bay, knows firsthand how learning about government in school and Youth in Government impacts each other. She said that school has really helped her to learn about how our government works in general, while Youth in Government is the chance to experience government. Youth in Government has mostly helped her with writing at school. Malia notes that now it is easier to write papers in a more professional tone because of the background of writing a brief for YIG Supreme Court, and school has helped her to use the right words while writing that brief as well.

Malia said, “I already knew the backgrounds of all the branches [from school], and it really helped me understand without actually having to learn new things on the job.” It is clear that Youth in Government helps students in school, and that just makes it easier for delegates to know how the government basically works, so they can enjoy Model Government when they are there and understand democracy. 

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