YIG Delegate Missing Since Noon

See how easily I caught your attention? “Fake news are but a subset of the larger bad news phenomenon,” said David Mikkelson. The issue of fake news has been an increasing problem in today’s society. People have taken advantage of the new advancements technology has to offer, and released news stories that are nowhere near credible.


Experienced journalist and Editor-in-Chief Erin Gretzinger has some insightful ideas on the impact fake news has on our society. “In a world where people are less trustworthy with the media, people easily don’t read beyond the headline and believe fake news,” Erin stated. According to FactCheck.org and their article, How to Spot Fake News, there are many people who simply see the headline of an article and assume it is true without any further thought. This gives people false information that they spread without even thinking.


In addition, this is definitely not the ideal for how journalism is meant to be portrayed. Erin noted that journalism is amazing, but only if used in the right way. People get the idea that journalism goes hand in hand with the media, when that is never really the case. Journalism is a way to inform people about news with credible information. The media, on the other hand, refers more to television and other larger ways of communication. If people recognize fake news when they see it, then they can understand the true image of what journalism is meant to be.


Fake news has many bad side effects. Once people begin to believe it, the never-ending chain of false information-sharing begins. The easiest way to prevent the spread of fake news is to read beyond the headline. If you feel like going further, you can check the authors and sources. If we all work together to prevent fake news, then it will ultimately preserve the name of journalism, and the distorted image people have about journalism now will fade away.


If you read all the way through this article, good for you. There were probably a lot of people that just read the headline and thought that someone had gone missing. Not only did you gain knowledge that you may not have previously known about fake news, but you prevented yourself from being humiliated when you found out that a student did not go missing. Fake news is more common than you might think. Keep your eyes open; it may be a little helpful.

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