Yoder and King: Governor/Lieutenant Governor Candidates

Kendra Yoder, of the Eau Claire delegation, and Carter King, of the Fox Cities delegation, have decided to run for Governor and Lieutenant Governor for the next Model Government session. The two of them intend to bring new ideas to the Youth in Government program, such as helping first years understand the ins and outs of YIG, improving the workings of the Governor’s Cabinet, and enhancing the significance of the press. In addition, they hope to implement more information dealing with social media and technology to reach out to those not in YIG. They know that there is tough competition for these positions, but they are certain that their ideas are solid. “I feel like all of our reasons are important to YIG,” stated Kendra, “First years and the Press Corps are important to help the program grow.” One interesting aspect of their candidacy is the difference of age and experience as fellow candidates. This is Yoder’s fifth year in the program, and she has been the president of her delegation for the past two years. King, on the other hand, is a first year who has high enthusiasm and aspirations to contribute further to the Youth in Government program. It is ambitious for a first year to run for a position like this, but King is up for the challenge. He noted, “25% of the program is made up of first years, so it is important that my ideas are heard.” Yoder and King hope that these ideas will come into play as they run for the positions of Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

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